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Questions To Ask When Hiring A Property Manager

System - Monday, March 6, 2017
Property Management Blog


Questions To Ask When Hiring A Property Manager

Being a successful property manager requires both skill and experience but also the offering of tools to help you market your property to rent quickly and be maintained professionally to protect your investment and generate the desired income. Here are 5 questions you should always ask when interviewing or hiring a company or agent to manage your rental property.


  1. How many rental properties do you manage?


Knowing the volume of a management company’s inventory can be a telltale sign of the sheer amount of experience a company has had with managing property. At Sundance we currently manage over 1,700 properties spanning 3 counties along the Emerald Coast and our agents collectively hold over 50 years of property management experience.

  1. What steps do you take to market rental properties?


Knowing a company’s marketing avenues and strategies is essential to ensuring your rental property will reach it’s target market, rent for top dollar, and rent quickly! Sundance advertises on 30+ websites and our website is the first to come up when you search ‘property management company on the emerald coast’ which means our website will be among the first that prospective tenants will visit when searching for a rental home. We also take great lengths to direct prospective owners and tenants to our website through many social media platforms.

  1. How do you ensure qualified tenants are placed into the properties you manage?


Vetting a prospective tenant is one of the most important steps in the process of managing rental properties. This step ensures that a qualified tenant is being placed into your property that will be most likely to pay rent as agreed and take care of the property. Our application process includes verifying the rental history, criminal history, credit history and income of every prospective tenant.

  1. Do you handle or facilitate maintenance of rental properties?


It is important to know, especially if you are not local to your rental property, how maintenance issues will be handled. We have a knowledgeable and dedicated maintenance department that handles each and every maintenance call from all tenants. They gather information about the issue, solicit estimates from our licensed and insured vendors, and oversee repairs. Our maintenance professionals handle every aspect of maintenance issues from the initial call from the tenant to report and issue to the invoice being paid to the vendor all while keeping you, the owner, informed every step of the way.

  1. How often will my home be inspected?


It is imperative to preserving the condition of your property that your property manager have regular inspection procedures in place. For every property that Sundance handles full management of a property manager will drive by monthly to do an exterior check or assessment of the property. During monthly assessments of the exterior your property manager will note the condition of the exterior of the home, condition of the yard/landscaping, and note if any card that are not authorized are being kept at the property. In addition to monthly exterior assessments we conduct annual full property inspections inside and out of every property we manage, usually at the time of a lease renewal or final inspection.

 Your rental property is a very important investment and nothing is more important to us than protecting and preserving that investment to the best of our ability. Through our experience, technology avenues, marketing procedures, tenant screening process and attention to your home we strive to provide nothing short of excellent services to all owners and tenants.

Amber Scheel
Sundance Rental Management | Marketing Director

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