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Spring Exterior Property Maintenance

System - Thursday, March 2, 2017
Property Management Blog

Now that the cold weather is hopefully behind us it is time to pay a a little attention to the exterior of your property and your yard.  

This is a great time to give your yard a fresh mowing and get on a somewhat regular schedule as the grass begins to steadily grow for the remainder of the warm months, this includes edging and clearing away fall/winter debris such as leaves and sticks. You should also trim and prune any small trees and bushes to ensure they can continue to grow without interfering with the structure of your home. If you rent a property where large tree limbs are coming in contact with the home that could cause roof or structural damage you should notify your property management company promptly and provide them with photos (if possible). Cleaning debris out of gutters will also ensure that they can function and drain properly to avoid damage. 

Additionally, this is the perfect time of year to prime your lawn pump and ensure that all components of your sprinkler system are functioning properly; negligence can lead to costly lawn repairs. Click HERE to be directed to our website DIY maintenance page if you would like to view an instructional video on how to prime your lawn pump.

Whether you own or rent your home and decide to hire a company to take care of the items above always be sure they are licensed and insured.

With just a little bit of care you can ensure that the exterior property will remain presentable and free of damage from lack of maintenance

Blake Costabile 

Sundance Rental Management| Business Operations Director & Broker

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