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System - Monday, March 18, 2019
Property Management Blog


Blake Costabile, our Corp. manager, and our Daughter and Blake’s Wife, Susan recently attended the Florida State Chapter Conference of The National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM). They spent several days attending inspirational seminars and meetings with our peers sharing information relative to our industry. We try to attend at least one NARPM meeting each year to stay current with trends and new management products. After almost forty years in this business, Pam and I are slowing down realizing it’s not always easy to teach old dogs new tricks, but we are always amazed at the advances in new technology and software available to Professional Property Managers and are pleased to have our Son-in-Law, Daughter and Son moving Sundance Rental Management, Inc into the future.

Web based software has allowed our owners and property managers to access information on their properties through cell phones, tablets and home PCs. The latest maintenance software will provide documented maintenance, inspections, and repairs with pictures and invoices for the life of a rental. This information is instantly retrievable by date, address or name. A new phone app lets a property manager answer their personal cell phone using the office number to receive and send calls saving their personal number for personal business only. Security and tracking apps make it much safer for agents in the field showing property.  Electronic banking has revolutionized the collection of rent and the distribution of owner’s proceeds. E-mail has made correspondence quick and allowed through Docusign instant lease and document signatures.

To keep up with the implementation of new programs it is helpful to have young employees familiar with new technology. They understand the day to day changes in the internet technology and keep our Business current. As Licensed Real Estate Professionals, we are required to take continuous education courses to keep our licenses active. But as Professional Residential Property Managers, it is great to have an organization such as NARPM to help us keep up to date with the industry and provide the tools to be the best at what we do.

Now that Spring 2019 has arrived, we are very encouraged with the local rental market. The F-35 training program at Eglin AFB continues to bring a steady flow of personnel to the area. More aircraft and Airmen with their families are coming to Eglin from Tyndall AFB as the Air Base is rebuilt following the devastation of Hurricane Michael. Hurlbert Field is also experiencing a shift in some of their aircraft and personnel. Along with The Army Special Operations Post in Crestview, Duke Field and Hurlburt the Military continues to understand the importance of Special Ops. and supporting these operations.

Spring is the time to do a maintenance check of your rental property. Trim hedges and trees, fertilize lawns, and pressure wash mildew and dirt from the siding and concrete. Repair wood rot and paint where needed. Sprinkler systems need priming and check for broken sprinkler heads. It is a good idea to have the A/C serviced and check for a clean condensation drain.

Keeping up with new trends and information pertaining to rental property is important to Professional Property Managers to help them better manage their inventories and serve the owners that employ them. Contact your local REALTOR or Professional Management Company to help you with your rental investment and keep you up to date.

-J. Matthew Scheel | Owner of Sundance Rental Management, In  

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