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Blog 2016 Rental Review

2016 Rental Review

2016 proved to be a very busy year for the rental business. The local sales market also saw growth as both new home and existing home sales increased over the previous year. Home values continued to increase due to the demand and low inventories. Rents were on the upswing for the...
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Blog Preparing for Cold Weather

Preparing for Cold Weather

As cooler weather approaches, it is time to take the necessary precautions to prevent problems caused by freezing temperatures.  Whether you are the owner of a rental property or a tenant, there are many items around a house that need extra attention when the weather turns c...
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Blog No Substitute for Experience

No Substitute for Experience

My wife and I have been in the property management business for almost 40 years.  Throughout our careers we have heard and seen almost everything a tenant could throw at you.  Some of the tenants tricks can be costly or cause problems if not caught in time, so I thought...
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Blog Property Management Technology

Property Management Technology

Our company is a member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM).  As members, our company and managers are able to keep current with industry technology and new management products by attending conventions, educational seminars, and the NARPM mon...
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Blog Tenant Mistakes

Tenant Mistakes

Assuming is the most common mistake tenants will make when renting.  Making sure that everything pertaining to the rental experience is in writing will remove the guess work.Tenants not being honest when filling out their rental application by falsifying information will jeo...
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Blog Hurricane Preparedness Handout 2016

Hurricane Preparedness Handout 2016

Check out the attached Hurricane Preparedness Handout with information sourced from Escambia County Division of Emergency Management. Don't wait until a storm comes to get prepared and have a plan! Hurricane Preparedness Handout 2016  
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Blog Are you prepared?

Are you prepared?

We want to bring awareness to being prepared for hurricane season. It has been over 10 years since our area last saw the effects of a major hurricane. Many new residents in our area have never been through such a life and community altering event. For area residents that have bee...
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Blog Bugs and Tenants

Bugs and Tenants

Most leases place the responsibility of routine pest control on the tenant.  When a tenant moves into a property it should be free of roaches, fleas and ants.  After 30 days of occupancy, routine control of these pests becomes a tenant issue. Some owners of rental prope...
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Blog Priming Your Lawn Pump

Priming Your Lawn Pump

LAWN PUMPS AND SPRINKLER SYSTEMSBeing in the rental management business has made us aware of the many people moving to this area that are not familiar with lawn pumps and sprinkler systems.  This article is not meant to be a complete course on the subject but should provide ...
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Blog Pets and Rentals

Pets and Rentals

Renting with pets has gotten a little easier over the past several years as the market has become more competitive and the pet population has increased. There are more rental units that will consider pets today than in previous years, however, pets can still present problems when...
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