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            I am not an expert on recycling or the effects of trash pollution to our environment but as a professional property manager I am well versed on how garbage and cleanliness relate to renting and rental property.  Tenants and owners alike have financial interests in their rental property and keeping the property clean and free of trash and accumulated debris saves money. Most residential areas on the Emerald Coast provide trash collection services and many include recycling.  In most areas these services are billed monthly with the water bill and can be mandatory.  If you live in an apartment or condominium, trash is usually handled by large dumpsters and recycling may not be available.  Yard debris (grass clippings, tree and hedge trimmings, and large item removal) are usually provided on a separate schedule.  Excessive trash such as construction or moving debris can be scheduled for special pick up with additional charges.

            Trash accumulation and not keeping up with cleaning can result in costly pest control and clean out.  Pests are attracted to food and dampness.  Areas under appliances and cabinets that go unattended for long periods without cleaning will often be infested by roaches and can attract rats and mice.  Boxes stored in closets and garages are also attractive to these pests.  Move refrigerators, stoves and washer/dryers once a year to clean under them.  It’s amazing what you will find under there. Look in those boxes that have been stored for years.  If they contain items never used, get rid of them before you
 have to pay to move them again.  Tenants should be aware that they are usually responsible for pests and cleaning and could be charged for these expenses at move out if they are an issue.  The cost of removing trash or items left by a tenant are also charged to their security deposit when they vacate a property.

            Leaves and bushes around a home’s foundation can cause moisture which will attract bugs and cause mildew.  Termites usually need a wet environment to survive and are found most often around the foundation in damp wood.  Trimming hedges and trees and raking the leaves will let the air and sun keep these areas dry.  If your mower has a mulching attachment it will finely cut the clippings and allow them to fall back into the lawn.  This returns nutrients to the lawn and eliminates bags of clippings in the trash.  Mildew removal by pressure washing is cost effective however neglecting a moisture problem can result in expensive wood replacement and painting.

           If recycling is available it is a simple way to save costs and prevent the huge volume of trash filling up our landfills.  The collection of paper, glass, metal and plastic in special recycling containers sends these materials back to manufacturers who turn them into new products saving the cost of reproducing the materials for a second time. It is always cost effective to keep up with trash removal and cleaning.  It is natural to save something thinking that we will need it later.  At some point, the cost of storing items that continue to accumulate exceeds their worth and selling them or having a garage sale might return some of their value.  Anything that needs cleaning will need more cleaning if left unattended resulting in greater cost or effort.

J. Matthew Scheel

Owner | Broker

Sundance Rental Management