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Are you prepared?

Are you prepared?

We want to bring awareness to being prepared for hurricane season. It has been over 10 years since our area last saw the effects of a major hurricane. Many new residents in our area have never been through such a life and community altering event. For area residents that have been through such a catastrophic event it is imperative that we avoid having “storm amnesia” on what is needed to be properly prepared for such an event. We are 22 days into the long, 6 month hurricane season and there have already been 4 named storms. While we hope the Gulf Coast does not have to face a major hurricane the reality is there will be more than just 4 named storms this year. Do not wait until one is headed our way to get prepared. Have a plan for your family, pets, business, home, etc. Below are a few websites that offer an abundance of invaluable resources and information that can help you be prepared before, during, and after a storm.