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Blog Tenants Beware

Tenants Beware

TENANTS BEWAREThere are many problems tenants can face if they are not fully aware of the laws or rules when renting. Prior to signing a lease, understanding what is expected of the tenant may help eliminate a problem later.One of the most common mistakes tenants make is fal...
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Blog DIY A/C Maintenance Tips and Tricks

DIY A/C Maintenance Tips and Tricks

As we enter late spring and into summer we will be putting our A/C and HVAC units to work. Staying cool and comfortable as the temperatures continue to rise over the next few months will require showing your cooling units some care with preventative maintenance not only will it k...
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Blog Stay Current and Educated

Stay Current and Educated

STAY CURRENT AND EDUCATEDBlake Costabile, our Corp. manager, and our Daughter and Blake’s Wife, Susan recently attended the Florida State Chapter Conference of The National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM). They spent several days attending inspirat...
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Blog Tenant's Need Renters Insurance

Tenant's Need Renters Insurance

We have been fortunate to escape damages from major hurricanes for the past few years.  Hurricane Micheal’s devastation to Panama City and East should be a wake-up call to all of us living in Florida. Whether you are an owner of rental property or a tenant, it is impo...
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Blog 2018 Looking Forward to 2019

2018 Looking Forward to 2019

Sales of residential property increased in 2018 as interest rates rose slightly and property values were on the rise. Investors were looking for foreclosures and good deals to turn a quick profit or move to income producing rentals. There is still a shortage of resale residential...
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Blog The Good, Bad and Ugly of Leasing

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Leasing

There are good tenants and bad tenants. A tenant that is paying his rent on time and taking care of the property is valuable and every effort should be taken to retain them. Dramatically raising the rent or deferring maintenance can cause a good tenant to move and you are left wi...
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Blog Tenant-Never Do's

Tenant-Never Do's

There are a number of issues that can result in serious problems for tenants if they are not aware of them when renting. Never sign your leasing paperwork without reading or understanding what you are signing. A leasing agent should go over the requirements and answer any questio...
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Blog A Career In Property Management

A Career In Property Management

My wife and I are often asked how we like working together as professional property managers and how we cope with all of the problems associated with our profession. Working side-by-side for some 35 years actually makes our lives as property managers easier. Tasks can be split be...
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Blog Lawn Pumps and Sprinkler Systems

Lawn Pumps and Sprinkler Systems

Being in the rental management business has made us aware of the many people moving to this area that are not familiar with lawn pumps and sprinkler systems.  This article is not meant to be a complete course on the subject but should provide basic information.Not all p...
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Blog Painting Rental Property

Painting Rental Property

Managing the painting of your rental property can save hundreds of dollars over the life of the unit. Anything that can prevent having to repaint after a tenant vacates is money in your pocket. Maintaining the wall and trim paint will keep a rental unit rented and produce mo...
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